“Nicki brings her significant experience from working with multiple stakeholders in biomedical sciences to develop and deliver strategically complex and valuable research programs. Her work is of an impeccable standard, her judgement is sound and she is a delight to work with.”

– William Hope, Director, Centre of Excellence in Infectious Diseases Research, University of Liverpool


“Our programme has really benefited from Nicki’s participation. She is straightforward with a very productive and collegial style. With her varied and skilled background, she provides extremely useful critical advice and is able to look at the project at various levels – from deep technical to high level strategic elements and fit within competitive environment and portfolio.  A great partner!”

– Karen Gallant, Deputy Executive Director, CARB-X


“I have been working with Nicki Shepherd for approximately 10 years on projects to develop improved foot-and-mouth disease vaccines for use in countries with endemic disease. During this time Nicki has provided advice, guidance and help that have been key to the success of the programme of work.  In particular, it helped having access to someone with extensive knowledge of commercialisation when negotiating with our commercial partner.”

 – Bryan Charleston, Director, The Pirbright Institute


“Nicki is very personable, and excels at building relationships within the organisation, and externally with our advisors, investigators and project teams. With over thirteen years working for Wellcome her critical input has assisted many of our funded projects move from basic research into the clinic. Her pragmatic and delivery focussed approach to problem solving has been crucial to ensuring projects maximise their opportunity for impact”

 – Tim Knott, Interim Director, Innovations, The Wellcome Trust


“Nicki brings considerable value to strategic discussions – being able to integrate her many years of experience across multiple sectors with an engaging personality which allows her to get the difficult points across in a credible and constructive way.  She has been a valuable sounding board for helping me scope and shape our early ambitions as well as providing specific, practical advice on a range of topics including portfolio management, network creation, ad boards and operational structure.”

– Simon Ward, Director, Medicines Discovery Institute, Cardiff University


“Nicki has been a tremendous asset to our work.  She is quietly inspirational, brings terrific expertise and a great network of contacts and has a fantastic “get the job-done” attitude”

– Clive Ballard, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Medicine and Professor of Age-related Diseases, The University of Exeter