Strategic Advice

We can provide advice on several areas that relate to translation of technology from basic research towards a marketable product and these include:

  • Guidance for Investigators, Project Teams and Institutions on translation of new innovations from early science and how best to make it attractive to downstream investors.
  • Participation in Advisory Boards and Oversight Committees to guide overarching strategy for innovation and translation whether academic or industry.
  • How to establish and manage new funding streams including different mechanisms for oversight and assessment as a portfolio.


Project Oversight

Providing critical input to ensure projects are appropriately milestoned, assessing progression and helping to identify issues early and mitigate against risks.


Peer Review

Offering peer review services for Funders to assess Grant Applications and critical analysis to Investigators to help strengthen their Application and position it more competitively.


Competitor & Market Analysis

Identifying competing technologies both on the market and in development and providing guidance as to potential impact on the clients’ project and/or portfolio.